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RSpec Output Formats

When you run tests, RSpec will report the results. RSpec has several build-in report formats, including progress, documentation, html and json. RSMP Validator comes with two additional formats, called Brief and Details.

See the RSpec docs for more info about formatters.

Brief format

The Brief format is similar to the build-in documentation format. It show one line per test, colored according to the test result. But unlike documentation, it will include a bit of information about each failing tests directly in the progress overview:

Traffic Light Controller
    can be read with S0096
    can be set with M0104
    adjusts S0096 status response - Failed: Clock reported by S0096 is off by 24261830s, expected it to be within 2s
    adjusts timestamps of S0096 command response - Failed: Timestamp of S0096 is off by 24261831s, expected it to be within 2s

Detailed format

The Details format show a more detailed log of the steps each test performs as well as all RSMP messages exchanged, with timestamp, port number, etc.

Traffic Light Controller / Clock / can be read with S0096
    2021-07-07T13:08:49.347Z                              Starting supervisor on port 13111
> Waiting for site to connect
    2021-07-07T13:08:49.410Z 53786                        Site connected from
    2021-07-07T13:08:49.427Z 53786    RN+SI0001     5087  Received Version message for site RN+SI0001 {"mType":"rSMsg","type":"Version","RSMP":[{"vers":"3.1.1"},{"vers":"3.1.2"},{"vers":"3.1.3"},{"vers":"3.1.4"},{"vers":"3.1.5"}],"siteId":[{"sId":"RN+SI0001"}],"SXL":"1.0.15","mId":"50871bcb-57c2-430d-ab0f-49077823d0ac"}
    2021-07-07T13:08:49.457Z 53786    RN+SI0001           Sent MessageAck for Version 5087 {"mType":"rSMsg","type":"MessageAck","oMId":"50871bcb-57c2-430d-ab0f-49077823d0ac"}

Sentinel Warnings

Sometimes invalid message are received that are not direcly related to the currently executing test. For example, alarms or statuses can be received at any time. If such messages do not conform to the RSMP JSON schema, a sentinel warning will be recorded.

The Brief and Details formats will show sentinel warnings in the summary:

Sentinel warnings:

   1) RSMP::SchemaError

      Received invalid Alarm, schema errors: /aSp, enum, , /aS, enum, , /cat, enum, {"mType":"rSMsg","type":"Alarm","mId":"4b844bfd-330e-4d3f-ab69-80417c8d1fbb","ntsOId":"KK+AG9998=001TC000","xNId":"","cId":"KK+AG9998=001SG004","aCId":"A0202","xACId":"C_LAMP_L1_RED (60, 4, 26) : Signal Group #4","xNACId":"","aSp":"issue","ack":"notAcknowledged","aS":"active","sS":"notSuspended","aTs":"2021-07-07T12:30:25.000Z","cat":"b","pri":"3","rvs":[{"n":"color","v":"red"}]}

The Details formatter will also show sentinel errors as they occur, as part of the datail message log:

    2021-07-07T12:30:59.290Z 43286    KK+AG9998=001TC000 4b84  Received invalid Alarm, schema errors: /aSp, enum, , /aS, enum, , /cat, enum, {"mType":"rSMsg","type":"Alarm","mId":"4b844bfd-330e-4d3f-ab69-80417c8d1fbb","ntsOId":"KK+AG9998=001TC000","xNId":"","cId":"KK+AG9998=001SG004","aCId":"A0202","xACId":"C_LAMP_L1_RED (60, 4, 26) : Signal Group #4","xNACId":"","aSp":"issue","ack":"notAcknowledged","aS":"active","sS":"notSuspended","aTs":"2021-07-07T12:30:25.000Z","cat":"b","pri":"3","rvs":[{"n":"color","v":"red"}]}

Choosing output formats

You choose the output format with the --format switch (or shorthand -d) of the rspec command.

% bundle exec rspec spec/site --format Validator::Brief

By default, the output is printed to the console, but you can redirect it to a file:

% bundle exec rspec spec/site --format Validator::Brief --out log/brief.log

Multiple outputs

RSpec allows you to select several output formats, and direct each one to a separate file. A formatter that’s not directed to a file will print to the terminal.

For example, you can show the brief format in the console, and also direct the detailed log to a file with:

% bundle exec rspec spec/site --format Validator::Brief --format Validator::Details --out log/validation.log

Default output formats

You can set default options for the rspec command by adding them to the file .rspec-local. For example, if you want to show the brief format in the console by default, while directing the detailed log to a file::

% cat .rspec-local
--format Validator::Brief
--format Validator::Details --out log/validation.log

Now when you run rspec, the output formats will be used automatically and you can just run:

% bundle exec rspec

You can always override options in .rspec-local using options on the command-line.

Following logs during testing

In case you direct a formatter to a file, you can use the tail command in a separate terminal window to view the progress as tests are running:

% tail -f log/validation.log

Equipment Log

Typically, the equipment you test also produces one or more internal log files. In case tests fail, it’s often useful to have access to these these log files.

Documenting Test Results

The recommended way to document the result of a test run is to collect the following:

  • Validator version, including the specific git commit
  • Validator config for the equipment tested
  • Version of the equipment, including relevant OS, software and hardware
  • Configuration in the equipment
  • RSpec output in Validator::Brief and Validator::Details format.
  • Log file(s) from the equipment