Image: CC BY 2.0, Jorge Franganillo

Posted on 27 Nov 2020

RSMP is on its way in Norway, too

The road authorities and cities in the counties of Oslo and Viken – covering about 23,000 km2 in the southern part of Norway – have joined forces around RSMP.

It began with a wish for traffic control in a central cloud solution. First phase is a bus priority system to optimize public transport and minimize CO2 emissions.

Bente Christensen from the Norwegian Public Roads Administration says: “The Scandinavian market for traffic control systems is rather small and has few suppliers. Two offers for the bus priority solution were both compatible with RSMP. And we had ambitions for the possibility of including new protocol standards and functionality.”

Dimos Kyriakou from the City of Oslo tells: “Fortunately an internal assessment showed that many traffic control devices in our legacy system were already compatible with RSMP, and we could make RSMP mandatory for all candidates among the possible suppliers of the bus priority system”.

He continues: “RSMP is such a good solution because of the flexibility, coordinated priority messages and the direct API communication to a compatible centralized surveillance application.

However, future users must note that a demand for software development arises with an RSMP strategy which means that some forces will be moved from traffic engineering to IT programmers.

On the other hand we are part of a larger collaboration and owe thanks to especially the Swedish Road Authorities and the City of Copenhagen for inspiration, guidance and knowledge”.

If you want to know more about the Norwegian solution you can contact:

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