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RSMP Nordic is the partnership of Nordic road authorities behind the RSMP protocol.

We maintain the RSMP specification and related open-source tools and facilitate knowledge sharing related to RSMP in the RSMP User Group and Working Groups.

The RSMP Nordic organization as defined in the RSMP Nordic Charter

Organizational Structure

User Group

The RSMP Nordic User Group in a network for sharing knowledge about RSMP and its practical use. The user group also provide input to the technical working group.

If you’re wondering whether RSMP might be a good fit for your city, need input on how to require RSMP in tenders or want to share experiences about RSMP solutions, we recommend you join upcoming User Group meetings. You’re also welcome to suggest topics for upcoming meetings.

Some meetings are only for road authorities, while others are open to anyone interested.

Working Groups

The RSMP Nordic Working Groups discuss technical issues and produce proposals for review by the Board. The working groups are where we shape the next versions of the RSMP specifications.

Anyone interested can join the RSMP working groups, but only RSMP Nordic partners can be listed as co-authors of proposals.


RSMP Nordic coordination, strategy, resource planning and administration is handled by the following groups.


The secretariat provides administrative and logistical support and helps organize meetings. The secretariat is also the entry point for general queries.

Technical Board

The RSMP Nordic Board is responsible for technical coordination and decisions and maintains the RSMP roadmap. The board reviews technical proposals from the working group and decides which proposals are accepted.

The board has representatives from public road authorities only and is appointed by the Steering Group.

Steering Group

The steering group is responsible for overall coordination and strategic decisions and has representatives from public road authorities only.

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland each have permanent seats in the steering group, but can invite other RSMP Nordic road authority partners to fill remaining seats.

Road authorities that have a special interest in the future and strategic development of RSMP might want to join the Steering Group. Please contact us for more information.

Join RSMP Nordic

All interested road authorities and industry partners are welcome to join the RSMP Nordic partnership. There is no partnership fee.

To join, please sign and return the RSMP Nordic Partnership Agreement. By signing, you agree to work in accordance with the RSMP Nordic Charter.

You’re welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

Why Join?

When joining RSMP Nordic, you will be listed as a partner on the RSMP Nordic website. By doing so, you show your support for RSMP as an open, flexible protocol.

As an industry partner, becoming an RSMP Nordic partner will give you the opportunity to co-author tehnical proposals. You will also show road authorities that you’re committed to providing RMSP-compliant equipment/systems.