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RSMP Specification

The RSMP Specification defines the message formats and behaviour for communicating via RSMP.

  • Core defines messages and behavior common to all types of equipment.
  • Signal Exchange Lists (SXLs) define the messages for a particular type of equipment, e.g. Traffic Light Controllers. So far, RSMP Nordic has standardized an SXL only for traffic light controllers, but SXLs for other types of equipment are planned.


The RSMP specifications are maintained on GitHub.

Each repository on GitHub has its own issue tracker that is used to keep track of errors, proposed improvements, etc. You are welcome to ask questions or report errors on GitHub; you just need an account on GitHub, which is quick and free to create.

JSON Schema

The RSMP specification is also documented as JSON Schema, which makes it possible automatically to validate the format of RSMP messages.


The core specification defines the basic message structure and behavior common to all implementations and equipment types.

View the GitHub repository.

3.2 (latest release) Online, PDF
3.1.5 Online, PDF
3.1.4 Online, PDF
3.1.3 Online, PDF
3.1.2 Online, PDF

Traffic Light Controller SXL

The SXL specification for Traffic Light Controllers.

View the GitHub repository.

1.1 (latest release) Online, Excel, PDF
1.0.15 Online, Excel, PDF
1.0.14 GitHub, Excel
1.0.13 GitHub, Excel