Validation Tools

RSMP Nordic does not offer certifications. Instead we offer open source tools that can be used to check and document compliance to the RSMP specification.

These validation tools can be used by suppliers, road authorities or anyone else that would like to validate or experience with equipment or supervisor systems.

As a road authority, you can require venders to use the validation tools to document compliance to the RSMP specifications.

As a vendor, you can use the tools during development and testing of products, and to document compliance to the RSMP specifications.

Test Hub

RSMP Nordic hosts a RSMP Test Hub, where we automatically run the RSMP Validator tests daily against equipment from various suppliers. The current results are published here.

Device Test Runs Note
Gem TLC View runs TLC emulator from RSMP Nordic.
Dynniq EC-2 View runs Physical device. Development has stopped on EC2.
Swarco ITC-3 View runs Physical device.

Note: Until the RSMP Validator reaches version 1.0, test results are preliminary.

Supplier that would like their equipment included in our Test Hub are encouraged to contact the secretariat.