Join RSMP Nordic

All interested road authorities, industry partners and consultants are welcome to join the RSMP Nordic partnership.

We also welcome knowledge institution, interest groups and other organizations that would like to help shape RSMP.

When joining RSMP Nordic, you will be listed as a partner here on the RSMP Nordic website, hereby showing your support for RSMP as an open, flexible protocol.

As an industry partner or consultant, becoming an RSMP Nordic partner will give you the opportunity to co-author tehnical proposals. You will also indicate to road authorities that you’re committed to providing RSMP-compliant equipment/systems and has relevant expertise.

Activities and roles are governed by the RSMP Nordic Charter.

Partnership Form

Please sign the short RSMP Nordic Partnership Agreement (PDF), and return it to the RSMP Nordic Secretariat.

By signing the form, you agree to work in accordance with the RSMP Nordic Charter. As mentioned in the charter, you’re free to leave any time you want, and there is no mebership fee.


You’re welcome to contact our secretariat if you have any questions.