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  1. 06 Apr 2022

    RSMP User Group Meetings 2022

    The RSMP Nordic group is pleased to announce the successful launch of a new series of online User Group Meetings, covering a range of topics relevant to users of RSMP.

  2. 13 Jul 2021

    Working Group Meetings, Autumn 2021

    To work on the next version of the RSMP specification, a series of Working Group meetings have been schedules in the autumn of 2021.

  3. 27 Nov 2020

    RSMP is on its way in Norway, too

    The road authorities and cities in the counties of Oslo and Viken – covering about 23,000 km2 in the southern part of Norway – have joined forces around RSMP.

  4. 29 Oct 2020

    Core 3.15 and TLC SXL 1.0.15 Released

    The RSMP core specification 3.1.5 and Signal Exchange List 1.0.15 (SXL) for Traffic Light Controller has been released.

  5. 16 Oct 2020

    RSMP and Scenario Management in Copenhagen

    The traffic signals play an important role in the flow of traffic in most cities. The City of Copenhagen has traditionally used time-controlled signal programs, eg morning program, afternoon program and evening program.

  6. 16 Oct 2020

    RSMP and Traffic Light Coordination

    Unlike other protocols, RSMP supports communication directly between traffic controllers in order to enable coordination. Coordination allows for several intersections to be controlled together in a coordinated control mode. This can be used to achieve green wave between intersections.

  7. 21 Aug 2020

    RSMP Supports LHOVRA

    Since the very beginning, signalized intersections have been controlled by traffic signal controllers that had a predetermined function. The predetermined function is characterized by constant cycle length and phase sequence which remains equal from cycle to cycle.

  8. 12 Aug 2020

    RSMP for Bus Priority

    Using RSMP it has never been easier for road authorities to manage and optimize bus priority.

  9. 12 Jun 2020

    Working Group: TLC SXL 1.0.15

    On June 18th at 12am-2pm, RSMP Nordic invites supplier, road authorities and other interested parties to an online working group workshop on the upcoming SXL 1.0.15 for Traffic Light Controllers, schedules for release later this year.

  10. 12 Jun 2020

    RSMP and MobiMaestro in Copenhagen

    When the city of Copenhagen replaced all traffic light controllers in a tender in 2012, they decided to switch to RSMP as the communication protocol for monitoring and management of all road side equipment.

  11. 04 Jun 2020

    RSMP Simulator released

    The RSMP simulator (for Windows) has been updated to version

  12. 04 May 2020

    Connecting Swedish Transport Administration TLCs with RSMP

    The Swedish Transport Administration – Trafikverket (STA) has about 527 traffic controllers nationwide. Since 2011 there has been an ongoing task of connecting the traffic controllers using RSMP.