Posted on 04 Jun 2020

RSMP Simulator released

The RSMP simulator (for Windows) has been updated to version

The RSMP Simulator is an interactive simulator which implements the RSMP protocol. The simulator can be used to test most features of the protocol and it is available in two versions, RSMPGS1 for road side equipment and RSMPGS2 for the supervision system. At STA (Swedish Transport Administration) the simulator is used to validate existing RSMP implementations.


The installation package is available for download using the links below or at the documentation section of this website



Documentation is included in the installation package and is also available online. The documentation has been translated from Swedish to English to reach a wider scope of stakeholders and encourage use beyond Sweden.

The source code has been published under the MIT license. It is possible to use the source code as a starting point when developing RSMP implementations. Your involvement and contributions are welcome.


  • All known issues has been fixed. See GitHub for details.
  • Updated to newer version of .NET
  • Documentation written in English
  • Support for encryption using SSL/TLS 1.x has been added

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