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Posted on 12 Jun 2020

Working Group: TLC SXL 1.0.15

On June 18th at 12am-2pm, RSMP Nordic invites supplier, road authorities and other interested parties to an online working group workshop on the upcoming SXL 1.0.15 for Traffic Light Controllers, schedules for release later this year.

The workshop is the first in a series of online workshop, where we will ask for input on specific changes to the SXL for Traffic Light Controllers. After a summer break, the following working groups meetings are expected in August.


  • 12am – 1pm: Status and timeline for the upcoming SXL for Traffic Light Controllers 1.0.15.
  • 1pm – 2pm: Input/discussion on proposed status message for reading values of detectors and setting sensor sensitivities.

Get ready for SXL 1.0.15

RSMP Nordic is working on the upcoming version 1.0.15 of the Signal Exchange List (SXL) for Traffic Light Controllers. In this online workshops, the proposed changes in 1.0.15 will be briefly explained, and we will inform about the status and timeline for the release of 1.0.15.

Provide Input

RSMP Nordic would like input on a number of the proposed changes included in 1.0.15. In this working group meeting, we’re specifically asking for input on a proposed new status message for fetching data from loops or other sensors, as well a command to change loop sensitivities.


Me meet on Skype for Business. The working language will be English or Scandinavian depending on the participants.

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